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12-10-2011, 07:17 PM
Aceton Assimilators anyone?

Or can I haz a conslole which cant be shot down with Energy weapons, and drains all your systems to 0?

Oh wait, I can turn my ship and try and fire a torp at it. Oh wait I use tricobalts, going over to quantums for that.

Oh wait, my engine power is 0 and i can barely get it to +1 by reverting my engine power.

Oh wait, i cant turn. How am i supposed to shoot it down?

Oh wait, Now my shields dropped and Im a sitting duck.

Oh wait, Pwned.

Oh wait, I dont like it being used on me, I might consider not using it on someone else.


Kligons finally got what they wanted.
Cant believe people actually feel good about it, (known players to the PvP community) which know they win by using this crap.

Also sad to see the ongoing pattern of the same players which revert back to an OP ability like FBP while its clearly bugged (The dev's stated this, perhaps not directly) but the pattern of some users is clear. Spread buffed beyond HYT -> Use, FBP buffed beyond balance -> Use)

Sad Pony :p

To the KDF players among us, it might get very lonely if you try to queue up against feds in the upcoming days/weeks/months, it might get more KvK'ish soon

Originally Posted by Naevius
The first problem with the OP's proposal is finding the gentlemen...
Thats not so hard really, people here know of eachother who falls back to OP abilities which just had a possible unintentional buff, or consoles which are clearly overpowered. Its not that hard to pull up a list. Examples are, lol'peng, FaW, FBP, Spread. you name it. We all know who continiously used it until it got nerfed. Most likely MOST of the the same players will fall back to any console that will let them win a fight, no matter how overpowered.