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12-10-2011, 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by breakout View Post
So there is a little contest to open some boxes and some people have seen fit to spend tons of CP to try and get the ship.

This is all on the players.. in no way, no how is there any reason to blame Cryptic... if you want a chance at the loot you can run the race once per day with each toon... if you don't get the ship oh well. the choice to spend $$ is totally on the player.. if you get it, you get it so what?
The majority of the people complaining aren't complaining because they've spent hundreds of dollars on boxes. In fact, the majority of people complaining have spent none, and will continue to spend none. They aren't blaming Cryptic for them spending money (since they haven't), they're blaming Cryptic (and PWE) for engaging in this grab bag bull ****, something they chose to do and is very much their fault. Trust me when I say the player is not to blame for Cryptic deciding to engage in practices that are pretty much universally vilified (go take a peek at the CO forums, not gonna find a lot of grab bag gambling fans there either).

Originally Posted by InterArmaEnimSilentLeges View Post
I don't think this hurt Cryptic at all.
Decisions like this bother people, and many of those people will then take their money elsewhere.