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12-10-2011, 10:03 PM
Few things.

Pay attention and read stuff. When it says colonists will be removed, that's the same as saying you'll get this when the mission ends.. If you don't know what they are or how to get them, pay more attention.

Department heads don't make a difference, they give you a base easy way to do missions. If you want to min/max, ignore them and go through your roster.

Trade VS Commerce makes no sense to me.

Why would you need a picture to help you? You can (and will) get duplicate doffs and it's the traits you should look at....

Request is like you thought, a future add on, why worry about it now?

Last point, you are only allowed 20 missions, thankfully if a Doff is injured and sent to sickbay (something you get points for when done), it doesn't count. Look at the interface and see what's up.

Not a hard system to get.