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12-10-2011, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by Raphezir View Post
You poor Klingons had to deal with Pengs for how long? One month or was it even two?
Your **** spamming carriers are out the for how long now? And when Feds complained about Spam, did you stop using carriers or at least use BoPs instead of Fighters or did you go on and added the Interceptors from the Marauder?
Feds had to deal with shocking alpha BoPs for how long? Did you stop doing it? Thank got we got the silly TacTeam.

I never used Pengs or AMS and got deckloak-shock-alphad and spammed. Now I have to read dumb comments like yours when someone asks you not to use OP ******** consoles.
I can avoid FvK and I bet many will.
Its ok man relax, no prublems. Here.. look at yourself .. :p

Peng was ******** and wasnt that OP as every said it was. The consoles are much more devastating now and lack ANY mean of balance in this game.

But your definately right, people will avoid FvK, klinkies will brag about their new unworthy victories, and they will cry in their sleep for not using real skills but only from mere OP consloles :p

I can only imagine how great the nubfest has become in Ker'rat as well now.