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12-10-2011, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
i find MT to be one of the better players in the game, he is quite consistant in his feedback and performance in both premades and pugs.

besides that he's cool to banter with.
Aww thank you Horizon.

I have no reason to annoy, or harass, or insult anyone. :p

Same to you <3

Lovely regards and lets do some nice Ice Skating today or tomorrow I really enjoyed it

About that proc thingy...
Considerably less then 2.5%... even 1%... free subnuke... No thanks. One of my borg procs proc 1% of the time when taking damage, i'd say its a bit too much free subnuke proccing aye?

But since we talk about this anyway, can we haz a free APA doff", or; Chance to remove cooldown on APA and all Tactical abilities? At least I can restore my chance based and free nuked ship by my own free chance proc thingy remove all tactical cooldown epic uber nub + extra APA hax? ^^

Ok you get the picture. Bad idea. No Captain ability buffs on random basis please.