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The purpose of this guide is to outline all the ways to obtain duty officers, especially high-quality and unique duty officers. This is not a general guide to the DOff system, but is intended to augment already existing general guides. This guide also is not a comprehensive list of every DOff in existence, though I encourage (but not envy) those who are attempting to compile such a list. This guide assumes the reader already has a basic understanding of the DOff system. If you're looking for a general guide, I highly recommend the links below.

Heretic's Duty Officers 101
Hevach's Doffs for Doofuses
STOWiki's Duty officer page

The wide variety of ways to obtain duty officers can be broken down into these categories.
  • Starter and promotion packs - Sets of DOffs granted at specific levels.
  • Recruitment assignments - General recruitment. The vast majority of DOffs originate here.
  • Unique assignments - Unique and very rare assignments that award high-quality DOffs.
  • Colonial chain assignments - A series of assignments in exploration zones that award unique DOffs.
  • Espionage assignments - Several rare assignments that award high-quality DOffs, even defectors.
  • Reclaim Assimilated Borg Drones - A very rare medical assignment that awards a DOff on a critical success.
  • Commendation tier rewards - Every tier unlocks a free unique DOff and the option to purchase more for dilithium.
  • STF vendor - Spend STF tokens, get borg DOffs.
  • Testing rewards - Unique DOff unlocks were awarded for beta testing the Duty Officer system.
  • C-store - Spend points, get DOffs.
  • The Exchange - Buy and sell DOffs with other players for Energy Credits.

Starter packs
At level 8 as a Federation captain or level 23 as a KDF captain, a pack of 20 low quality duty officers is awarded. These officers are identical for everyone and they are all bound. Booster packs of 3 random, unbound duty officers are also awarded at certain milestones. These milestones for Federation captains are levels 12, 22, 32, and 42; for KDF captains the milestones are levels 24, 27, 32, and 42.

Recruitment assignments
The whole purpose of the recruitment category is recruiting crew, both DOffs and BOffs. The vast majority of DOffs in the game originate from these assignments.

Recruitment assignments come in three types. First is the basic recruitment assignment, which always results in a success and awards a Junior Officer Cadre inventory item that contains 5 DOffs. These are usually white quality, but have a small chance for higher quality. These packs have a very small chance to contain ultra-rare DOffs. This assignment can be found in and around the home planet of each faction, does not require any inputs of DOffs or supplies, and has a duration of 20 hours.

The second type of assignments is department- and race-specific assignments. Department-specific assignments appear in and around the home sectors and major starbases of each faction, while race-specific assignments only appear in the sector block that contains that species's homeworld, or additionally on that homeworld itself. These do not require any DOffs to be assigned to them, award one or two DOffs of the specified department or race, and always result in a success or critical success, usually with a 9% or 10% chance to crit, which gives one or two extra DOffs, but does not guarantee higher quality DOffs. Most DOffs obtained by these assignments are white quality, with very small chances for higher qualities. The color of the assignment listed is the rarity of the assignment itself, not the DOffs it awards. The duration of these assignments is 2 days.

The third type of assignments is asylum assignments. These appear in the same sectors as the Cultural Exchange assignments and can award one DOff of a specific race of green quality or higher. They have a 20 hour duration and require a single refugee as an input. The quality and traits of that refugee influence the quality of the DOff reward. In this guide, traits that increase the chance of a blue or purple DOff reward are highlighed blue, while traits that increase the chance of a green DOff reward are highlighted green. Some of the KDF Asylum assignments can have a slightly different title, replacing "Asylum on..." with "Sanctuary with..." or "Protective Custody with...", but for the purposes of this guide, they are listed only as "Asylum on...".

Federation Recruitment Assignments
  • Federation Recruitment
  • Federation Junior Tactical Officer Cadre
  • Federation Junior Engineering Officer Cadre
  • Federation Junior Science Officer Cadre
  • Federation Civil Corps Recruitment
  • Vulcan Cultural Exchange
  • Andorian Cultural Exchange
  • Tellarite Cultural Exchange
  • Saurian Cultural Exchange
  • Betazoid Cultural Exchange
  • Bolian Cultural Exchange
  • Deltan Cultural Exchange
  • Asylum on Earth: Tactful, FF, Teamwork; Unruly
  • Asylum on Vulcan: FF, Logical, Peaceful, Telepathic; Aggressive, Emotional, Spiritual
  • Asylum on Andor: Emotional, FF, Honorable; Logical, Unscrupulous
  • Asylum on Tellar Prime: FF, Stubborn; Congenial
  • Asylum on Betazed: Telepathic
  • Asylum on Benzar: Efficient, Logical; Emotional, Unruly
  • Asylum on Trill: Teamwork
  • Asylum on Saurian Homeworld: Cold Blooded, Resilient
  • Asylum on Bolarus IX: Congenial; Aggressive, Stubborn
  • Asylum on Caitian Homeworld: Aggressive, Emotional; Logical, Peaceful
  • Asylum on Rigel: Spiritual; Logical

Federation Recruitment Zones
  • ESD, SFA, Sol, Memory Alpha, K-7: General and department recruitment
  • Sirius: Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, Betazoid, Rigellian
  • Alpha Centauri: Caitian, Deltan, Saurian
  • Iota Pavonis: Bolian
  • Beta Ursae: Benzite, Trill

KDF Recruitment Assignments
  • Klingon Recruitment
  • Klingon Call for Heroes
  • Klingon Call to House Honor
  • Imperial Tactical Officer Call for Heroes
  • Imperial Engineering Officer Call for Heroes
  • Imperial Science Officer Call for Heroes
  • Imperial Tactical and Security Recruitment
  • General Draft Authorization
  • Orion Enlistment Order
  • Orion Conscription Order
  • Nausicaan Contract Extension Orders
  • Nausicaan Mercenary Contract
  • Gorn Conscription Order
  • Gorn Military Induction
  • Lethean Imperial Recruitment
  • Asylum on Qo'noS: Aggressive, Honorable, Resilient; Peaceful, Unscrupulous
  • Asylum in Gorn Space: Aggressive, Cold Blooded, Resilient; Peaceful
  • Asylum among Nausicaan Clans: Aggressive, Unruly, Unscrupulous; Congenial, Honorable, Peaceful
  • Asylum with the Orion Syndicate: Seductive, Cunning, Unscrupulous; Honorable
  • Asylum in Lethean Space: Stubborn, Telepathic; Congenial

KDF Recruitment Zones
  • Qo'noS First City, Klingon Academy, Ganalda Station: General recruitment
  • Omega Leonis: Anything other than basic "Klingon Recruitment"
  • Eta Eridani: Gorn, Nausicaan, Lethean
  • Pi Canis: Nausicaan
  • Regulus: Orion
  • Sirius: Orion
  • Gamma Orionis: Gorn