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12-10-2011, 11:45 PM
Assignment formatting key
For the sake of communicating the most information in the least amount of space, and allowing for the low-tech options of a forum post, I am attempting to format assignment descriptions in a compact fashion, using color coding and a specific syntax. Below is a key and an example to this formatting scheme. I am still experimenting with how to best format this information, so feedback and suggestions for improvement are very welcome.
  • Assignment name: duration; material components; personnel requirements (specializations for added success); Critical traits; Disaster traits

Assignment name: This is the name of the assignment. The color of the name indicates the assignment's rarity. The assignment should appear in game with this exact name and color.
Duration: This is how long it will take to complete this assignment once started. The format is a number followed by a letter, with the letter indicating the unit of time: m for minutes, h for hours, and d for days.
Material components: This is a list of items or currencies that will be consumed by the assignment. It is usually an amount of credits or some sort of commodity.
Personnel requirements: A breakdown of the officers required for the assignment. If the description is capitalized, then a specific specialization is required, otherwise it is one of the seven departments (tactical, security, engineering, operations, science, medical, civilian). If something in parentheses follows this entry, then it indicates that if that officer is a certain specialization, it will increase the success chance of the assignment, but only the previous entry which is not in parentheses is required.
Critical traits: Traits which increase the critical chance are highlighted in green.
Disaster traits: Traits which increase the disaster chance are highlighted in red.

If any of these entries are omitted, then they either are not present (usually material components), are not important enough to be included in this guide (usually traits), or are the same for every assignment in the list, which will be noted in the description preceeding the list (usually duration).

Here's an example:
  • Submit Feedback to Guide on Forums: 30m; 1 Communication Array; 1 Advisor, 1 science (Research Lab Scientist), 1 officer (Diplomat/Assault Squad Officer); Congenial, Tactful, Teamwork; Aggressive, Unruly

"Submit Feedback to Guide on Forums" is the assignment name, and the blue color indicates it's a rare assignment.
"30m" is the duration, indicating 30 minutes.
"1 Communication Array" is the material component.
"1 Advisor" indicates that one Advisor is required.
"1 science" is not capitalized, indicating that one officer in the science department is required. It is followed by "(Research Lab Scientist)" in parentheses, indicating that if the officer is that specialization, it will increase the success chance, though any other science specialization can be used without that bonus.
"1 officer (Diplomat/Assault Squad Officer) indicates that 1 additional officer from any department is required, though if it is one of the specializations in parentheses, it will increase success chance.
"Congenial, Tactful, Teamwork" are highlighted green and therefore increase critical chance.
"Aggressive, Unruly" are highlighted red and therefore increase disaster chance.

Note that the above basic Recruitment section does not follow this formatting key, since it is simply a list of the assignment name, what it awards, and where it is found, since Recruitment assignments require no inputs at all. The below sections of this guide all follow this formatting key.