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Unique assignments
Currently, there's one way to obtain a unique DOff that does not fit in any other category: the "Guinan" assignment. It's very rare and can appear anywhere and can appear for either faction (though usually when it appears, only one faction is eligible at that time). Rulian Mazan, a purple quality El-Aurian bartender, joins your crew regardless of success or failure of the mission. This mission can only be done once, then never appears for that captain again. Oddly, Rulian Mazan is not bound, however she cannot be used by the opposite faction.
  • Investigate Temporal Anomaly: 10000 EC, 1 Astrometrics probe, 1 Conn Officer, 2 science

Colonial chain assignments
Every exploration zone has a chain of colonial missions. At the end of each chain is an assignment which grants a unique blue quality DOff. Each exploration zone has its own chain and its own unique DOff. Assignments are denoted as part of the chain by yellow text at the end of the description: "Completing this assignment will open up additional possible assignments within this star cluster." Not only does completing the mission open up the next assignment in the chain, but also opens up other repeatable assignments that give minor CXP and other numeric awards.

Failing a chain assignment still unlocks the next step in the chain. The normal and elite versions of B'Tran and Azlesa zones share their respective chains. Though they are separate instances and offer different assignment lists, they share chain progression and only offer one unique DOff between them. Below is a list of the colony chain assignments, in order.
  • Colony Site Survey: 1h; 2 Astrometrics probes, 1 science, 2 science/medical; Efficient, Logical
  • Establish Forward Base: 20h; 20 Provisions, 2 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 2 Communication Arrays, 3 Colonists
  • Establish First-In Colony: 20h; 50 Provisions, 3 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 3 Industrial Energy Cells, 4 Colonists
  • Fortify Colonies: 20h; 10 Shield Generators, 1 Technician, 1 engineering, 1 Armory Officer, 1 Security Officer, 1 officer; Efficient
  • Transport Settlers: 30m; 20 Provisions, 5 Medical Supplies, 2 Warp Coils, 5 Colonists
  • Establish a Military Base: 20h; 20 Shield Generators, 10 Medical Supplies, 15 Provisions, 3 Self Sealing Stem Bolts, 1 tactical, 1 engineering, 1 Quartermaster, 2 officers; Efficient
  • Renown: 15m; no requirements; awards the unique DOff of that exploration zone

Upon completion of the whole chain, an assignment is unlocked which awards one refugee for the Federation version and one prisoner for the KDF version. On a critical success, it grants a purple quality DOff with the same specialization and traits as the Renown DOff of that zone (with the exception of Arucanis Arm, which has a completely different DOff for Federation, and a difference of only one trait for KDF). The cooldown for this assignment is precisely 24 hours from completion. The Federation and KDF versions of this assignment are very different, and both are listed below.
  • Support Colonization Efforts: 4h; 5 officers (Advisor/Diplomat); Efficient, Peaceful, Tactful, Teamwork; Aggressive, Unruly
  • Support Expansion Efforts: 4h; 5 officers (security); Aggressive, Efficient, Teamwork; Unruly

Espionage assignments
Certain espionage assignments award DOffs. They all have durations of two days (except the Federation version of Negotiate Prisoner Exchange has a duration of 4 hours), appear infrequently, and have high chances of failure. However, the DOffs they award are usually high quality, and some of them, particularly Instigate Defection, have a chance to award a DOff from the opposing faction. The DOffs from Negotiate Prisoner Exchange and Extricate Intelligence Asset are not bound, while the DOffs from Instigate Defection are bound. Also, the Federation and KDF versions of Instigate Defection are not quite identical.
  • Negotiate Prisoner Exchange: 1 Prisoner
  • Extricate Intelligence Asset: 3 Security Officers; Logical; Honorable, Unruly
  • Instigate Defection (Fed): 1 Security Officer, 1 Advisor/Diplomat/Security Officer; Honorable, Seductive, Telepathic, Unscrupulous; Peaceful, Unruly
  • Instigate Defection (KDF): 1 Security Officer, 1 Advisor/Diplomat/Security Officer; FF, Seductive, Telepathic, Unscrupulous; Honorable, Unruly

Reclaim Assimilated Borg Drones
This is a very rare medical assignment that awards a green DOff only on a critical success. It can appear in various places in the galaxy.
  • Reclaim Assimilated Borg Drones: 3d; 1 Biochemist/Doctor, 1 Biologist/Research Lab Scientist, 1 Systems Engineer; Stubborn, Teamwork

Special Deal on Entertainment Provisions
This assignment comes in all four rarities, with the white rarity version becoming available at trade tier 1, the green at trade tier 2, the blue at trade tier 3, and the purple at trade tier 4. A critical success on this assignment awards a holographic entertainer with a quality color to match the rarity color of the assignment.

Commendation tier rewards
Each faction has a vendor that sells unique DOffs: Lieutenant Ferra at Starfleet Academy and Lieutenant S'stas at Klingon Academy. However, these DOffs are locked until certain commendation ranks are achieved. Each tier of each commendation category has a different set of 5 or more DOffs available at this vendor. Reaching a tier awards a token for one free DOff in the set, and unlocks the others for purchase with dilithium. Green DOffs cost 1000 dilithium, blue DOffs cost 6000 dilithium, and purple DOffs cost 12000 dilithium.

Additionally, each tier of the Medical, Military, and Engineering categories unlocks the ability to replicate a photonic DOff. The specializations of these photonic DOffs are Doctor for Medical, Assault Squad Officer for Military, and Damage Control Engineer for Engineering. The photonic DOffs available at each tier increase in quality and cost: white for 1000 EC at tier 1, green for 10000 EC at tier 2, blue for 100000 EC at tier 3, and purple for 1000000 EC at tier 4.

STF vendor
The STF vendors on DS9 sell Borg DOffs in exchange for the STF currency. Every successful STF completion rewards at least one Encrypted Data Chip, and possibly more if optional objectives are completed. There are a total of 8 Borg DOFFs available, 4 for each faction: blue and purple Security Officers, and blue and purple Projectile Weapons Officers. The blues cost 20 EDC each, and the purples cost 40 EDC each.

Unlike the DOFFs from the vendors at SF and KDF academies, these Borg DOFFs are not unique and you can have multiples of each.

Testing rewards
Players who tested the Duty Officer system while it was in beta on Tribble before the launch of season 5 may have been granted unique DOffs. These DOffs can be claimed in the C-Store. They include a Romulan explosives expert, an android (not Soong-type) engineer, and an assault officer, which is an Exocomp for Federation and an augmented Nausicaan for KDF.

There's a whole section on the C-Store for Duty Officers. Right now it only contains two Duty Officer Cadre packs, one for each faction, but it seems likely that more items will be added in the future. The Cadres function very similarly to the Cadres received by the basic Recruitment assignments, however they usually contain higher quality DOffs. These DOffs are not bound. It is unknown if these DOffs are the same as DOffs that can be obtained through other means in the game, or if there are some that can only be obtained through these C-Store Cadre packs. There's also a small chance to acquire an ultra-rare unique DOff from these packs. The packs cost 220 points. According to the description in the store, the packs contain 4 white-quality DOffs, 2 green-quality or better DOffs, and 1 blue-quality or better DOff.

The Exchange
Last but certainly not least, DOffs can be bought and sold on The Exchange for energy credits. There's a very high volume of DOffs available on The Exchange and the lack of filtering mechanisms often makes this a frustrating experience. Heretic has stated that he wishes to improve this functionality, but that it would be difficult and time-consuming to do so. Still, The Exchange as it is does work for buying and selling DOffs.