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# 4 FAQ and hints
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get colonists?
The "Resettle Colonists" assignment awards 5 colonists, has a 4 hour duration, can appear anywhere, and has precisely a 24 hour cooldown from completion. Colonists are not bound.

I'm stuck on a colonial chain! What do I do?
The colonial chains have long cooldowns between assignments and have a fairly small chance to appear when they're not on cooldown. "Fortify Colonies" is even more rare than the others, so it's common to think you're stuck when you're waiting on that one. Just keep checking. Eventually you'll be able to complete the chain.

I keep doing the same mission in the colonial chain over and over! Is it broken?
No, it's not broken. Completing any of the first five colonial chain missions unlocks other nearly-identical repeatable missions, with identical requirements and rewards, but a slightly different name. If there is no yellow text in the description that reads, "Completing this assignment will open up additional possible assignments within this star cluster," then it is not part of the chain and you have already completed that step in the chain.

Can Federation captains do colonial chains in the exploration zones in Klingon space?
Yes, but they need Diplomatic Immunity to enter Omega Leonis. KDF captains can do the colonial chain in Delta Volanis, but need Marauding Force to enter Sirius.

I got a DOff from the opposing faction, but when I try to send it on a mission, I can't find it!
DOffs are faction specific. However, you can buy opposing faction DOffs from the Exchange or mail them to captains of the opposing faction, which leads to some confusion. Even though DOffs from the opposing faction will appear in your reserve roster, they cannot be put on active duty or sent on assignments and will not appear in the roster on the "Plan Assignment" tab. This also applies to colonists and prisoners.

I achieved a new commendation tier and claimed my free DOff, but I can't purchase any others from that tier for dilithium!
Close the DOff purchase window and contact the vendor again. The unlocked tier will be at the bottom of the list for that commendation category, below the tiers for which you have not yet spent a free token.

Where do I get an EMH?
As you gain commendation tiers in the Medical, Military and Engineering commendation categories, you gain the ability to use your ship's replicator to manufacture holograms of three specializations at increasingly higher cost and quality.

Where do I get refugees?
Refugees have a small chance to appear in most general or civilian recruitment assignments, however there are more reliable ways to recruit refugees. Federation captains can recruit refugees from the "Support Colonial Efforts" assignment, which is unlocked at the end of the colonial chains, and awards one refugee. Details on this assignment are in the section of this guide about colonial chains. Note that the KDF version of the "support" assignment awards prisoners, not refugees. KDF captains can recruit refugees from the below assignment, which appears randomly in sector space and awards three refugees on a critical success.
  • Offer Sanctuary to Refugees from Federation Aggression: 4h; 10 Medical Supplies, 10 Provisions, 1 Advisor/Diplomat, 1 officer (Advisor/Diplomat/medical); Tactful, Honorable, Spiritual; Aggressive

Where do I get prisoners?
KDF captains can get prisoners on normal successes from most Marauding assignments. Federation captains can get prisoners only from critical successes on certain military and espionage assignments. It's much more difficult for Federation captains to acquire prisoners, but there are far fewer Federation missions that require prisoners as an input. Prisoners are not bound. Below is a list of known assignments that award prisoners on a critical success. It is suspected that more assignments also award prisoners on critical successes.
  • Military Offensive
  • Uncover Intelligence Leak

Where do I get contraband?
Contraband currently is not used to acquire duty officers in any way, but I am asked this question frequently, so I figured I'd answer it anyway.

KDF captains can get contraband from several Marauding assignments as well as the below Trade assignment. Federation captains can only get contraband from the below assignments, making it much more difficult for Federation captains to acquire substantial quantities of contraband. Contraband is an unbound inventory item and can be traded freely.
  • Inspect Civilian Freighter: Trade; 30m duration
  • Appraise/Assess/Validate Reports of Trafficking in Contraband: Diplomacy; 20h duration

Someone told me a specific assignment is available. Why don't I see it?
There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to see an assignment that others are reporting. You could be on cooldown for that assignment, it could be above your level range, it could be part of a chain and you are not on the same step, it could be a shipboard assignment which are not synchronized between players, or it could be a unique assignment that you have already completed. The more general Duty Officer guides linked at the beginning of this guide contain more information on these mechanics.

I have a completed assignment that awards officers/colonists/prisoners, but I can't accept the rewards because it says my inventory is full, but my inventory isn't full!
There are limits on the number of DOffs you can have in your reserve roster, colonists in your passenger space, and prisoners in your brig. Your reserve roster starts at a maximum of 100 and can be increased by purchases in the C-Store. Your passenger space and brig cap out at 20.