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Originally Posted by Eklinaar
Commendation tier rewards
Each faction has a vendor that sells DOffs: Lieutenant Ferra at Starfleet Academy and Lieutenant S'stas at Klingon Academy. However, these DOffs are locked until certain commendation ranks are achieved. Every tier of every commendation category has a set of 5 or more DOffs available at this vendor. There are 10 commendation categories and 4 commendation tiers, so there are 40 different sets of DOffs available.
It's actually 11 categories, for a total of 44 sets of DOFFs.

Also note that the DOFFs from these vendors are unique, so you can only have one of each. No doubling up on the same DOFF.

Originally Posted by Eklinaar
STF vendor
The STF vendors on DS9 sell Borg DOffs in exchange for the STF currency. I won't go into detail how to obtain them since there are surely other guides about STFs, but I will put a little two-sentence blurb here about them... once someone explains it to me, as I have never run the new STFs.
Every successful STF completion rewards at least one Encrypted Data Chip, and possibly more if optional objectives are completed. There are a total of 8 Borg DOFFs available, 4 for each faction...rare (blue) and very rare (purple) Security Officers, and rare and very rare Projectile Weapons Officers. The rares cost 20 ECD each, and the very rares cost 40 EDC each.

Unlike the DOFFs from the vendors at SF and KDF academies, these Borg DOFFs are not unique and you can have multiples of each.