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12-11-2011, 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by kherminu View Post
Dear Cryptic Staff,
I know myself and many others have spent thousand of CP trying to get the ship with no luck. I know the ship is intended to be rare, but in fairness I think that after a certain amount of points have been spent on trying to attain the ship a bound version of the attack ship should be given to the account. Only one for an entire account seems fair and it is bound so it cannot be used for profit, but at least it would be possible to get the ship without going broke. The most expensive ship in the c-store is 2000cp, I would propose that after spending 3000-4000 points a player should be given the bound version I mentioned before. If a player wanted the ship for more than one character they could continue to try to obtain more and they would still not be as populous as other ships just for the fact that they are rare and only one character per account could attain it as a sure thing, but at a cost higher than even any c-store ships which can be used for every character on an account.

I hope you will take this into consideration, I am sure other players would agree that this is a fair compromise because I know one person said they spent 28,000 cp and have not received a ship.

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Your basically asking them to put the ship up for sale but the player gets lots of other freebies while buying it and doing so in installements.

Just that idea could be very bad news for them. What happens if a player runs out of money before making their final purchase?

What happens if a player fails to make the final purchase before the 1st of January?

What upset would it cause when a player wants to obtain the ship FREE like we can now but people like you have convinced Cryptic to change it thus upsetting players like myself still hoping to get a true holiday gift for nothing?

What do players do once they have the ship, do they get to give it as a gift which is the whole point of the gift item or is it treated just like any c-store ship unlock?

Who deals with the new complaint of having to "pay" for the ship for far more than other ships? That would happen, players like you are never happy and are self centered.

Do you consider any of these issues and what a headache they could cause? Where right now we have a simple c-store seasonal package, it is optional and you buy a gift not a ship.

I bet Cryptic never to let players like yourself get your own way because you would spoil the fun. The fun is the fact the ship is super rare, the fun is the possibility of getting a present/gift worth a lot and getting it free like gifts should be.

Shame on you people for trying to obtain everything and get your hands on everything. Want want want greed greed greed, go listen to Band Aid 2010.