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12-11-2011, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by McCooey View Post
There has to be something wrong with the odds on getting a Jem'hadar ship. I stupidly spent 5000 cp on these boxes trying to get the ship and nothing. I have exocomps and horta coming out of my ears. loads of holographic officers and tribbles more then I can pass on to my alts over 20 hrs of double xp and enough duty officers to fill a galaxy class starship

Has anyone got a Jem'hadar ship at all? I'm Not trying to rage (although i am in a rageful mood and i honestly feel i've been dooped) but there has to be something wrong here
Dude if you bought $100 or 100 worth of lottery tickets would you call the lottery and demand a refund if you never win?

My daughter didn't like the present Santa Clause gave her, took her back to him for 3 3 times in total in this month already. Is that gambling because she can get 1 of many items in her gift? No. Is it fun, yes. Would someone like you spoil it if Santa Clause had a Jem Hadar ship among his bag of presents, yes. You would ruin Christmas I think with your self centered angry faces as if someone else is to blame other than you.

If you can't afford to put money into your toilet and flush it away you should not spend it on "presents" that contain only 1 of many possible items. I truly feel sorry for all of you, lost sheep.

Let me see if this works... "you want to go home and re-think your life", my Jedi abilities are fine tuned

I know I'm cheeky, well known for it too half the people coming on this thread won't see my comments because they already have me on the ignore list.