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12-11-2011, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by Startruck
There is no KDF content coming, since launch they have been saying it was coming, and after two years you'd think people would wise up, it's a lie, plain and simple.

What is coming?

More Cstore items, more "events" and very little else.

The game has been streamlined into a lackluster asian grindfest designed to require little new content and no player retention at endgame.

The KDF will never be a fully realized faction and will never have a proper levelling progression.

There is no PVP updates coming, and featured episodes will be delayed in Febuary until summer, and then delayed again.
That is what I'm fearíng, too and why I posted this thread. There have been only words from officials like "soon" or "it will come"., but nothing concrete