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12-11-2011, 04:34 AM
This is so funny and wow does it feel good having "mighty" feds who themselves did nothing BUT rotating OP powers in the recent past like scramble sensors ,Harpengs,double Gravities or Gravity/Tyken combination,plasma at respawn Tricobalt Rift -no end disable etc..etc.. now crying in the forums about us Klings exploiting by using the new consoles..
Well i have news for you my fellow "fair and square and uber skilled " sto players ,i hope all klings will not only keep on using them -i know i certainly will-but use as many of them as possible ....
You will be console spammed to death in your "mighty" intrepids and zombie cruisers with every chance i ll get.Kerrat ,Arena C&H...Oh realy? You will not again queue for K vs F ? Oh my ..
Payback is a ***** and the time is right.
Your QQs and whining in game or on the forums alone is a reason to keep playing STO for a while longer!

what did u say? I resort in OP consoles to win because i m a noob without skills ? You got that right.
Does it make u feel any better ?
The only power on the list that the KDF couldn't cycle themselves for a time was the Hargh'Peng.

But making this a faction thing is nonsense anyway.

The consoles are badly balanced, the very idea of consoles as sources of activatable powers was never good to start with, and PvP would not suddenly become more fun if the Federation also has access to them!

Each and every power in this game needs to be evaluated for its impact on gameplay (e.g. "pure fun factor" and the ablity to actaully use it) and its impact on balance, and be designed to improve gameplay and preserve balance. This hasn't happened yet with consoles. I fear it never will.

Maybe I just have to accept that STO is over for me.