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12-11-2011, 07:37 AM
Then happily go play with yourselves.
Frankly, I'm tired of the back and forth ***** fest that pvp has become in STO. What was once fun has become nothing but complaints and whines of "its unfair". Even among the elite PvP'ers its been shown that some resorted to cheap tactics tactics of broken abilities and outright cheats at times, yet now when the table turns it becomes oh so wrong and needs to stop.
This is why I only PvP in Ker'rat becuase its really depressing to see some of the "elite" of PvP in STO look like children in the forums.
Screw your moQ to the sticking place and Man-up, or go play with yourselves in FvF. I don't care anymore and look forward to waves of Froobies that are gonna be here soon enough to bring true "don't give a tey grief " to all those whom whine when it suits them and codemn other just as easily for actions not far removed from what we KDF had used against us in the past.

Thanks Cryptic for ruining the one aspect of the game that kept a great many of us KDF here playing in a game where you obvisiuosly never gave a tey about us.

Thanks ELite pvp'ers for turning into the noobs you once made fun of years ago and driving that final nail into the coffin of fun of PvP.

PvP in STO can rot for all I care.