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12-11-2011, 08:28 AM
And here we have a winer! He won the Jem´Hadar aaand the Price for making a useless Comment.

First of all : Many Peoples like your daughter dont like her presents and send it back to get a voucher to buy something that they like.

I wanna give my 50 Pets Q back and he should give me only the half of C points retour.
Thats would be make many player to still invest money in this game, but if they make more of this events , the game will die. No one how invested over 300 dollars in gifts to get a ship (or not) do re-invest in such an event.

Zypher, enjoy Your Jem´Hadar ship and dont forget that u are one of the 2% player they get this thing and that 98% dont get it + a lose of incredible many money.