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# 237 Forsaken yet again
12-11-2011, 09:25 AM
Seems at times I have to finally respond to something that gets to me, Like where in all the Known Galaxy are Our VA ships ??
Oh, I see, now we have to buy the frakin things, forget earning them......nope, spend more money if you want we once got for free for being loyal members and players of a game that to this date, has had so little new anything at all in way of content that i can tell you every mission there has ever been on here.
Then they destroy the DTFs on top of that, so any person that can hit space bar can beat it.
Gone are the days where my "friend's" and i would actually plan out a STF, prepare to run it then completely destroy it in a matter of an hour ( I am talking like the Cure VA). I am sorry so many couldn't either find the time or had any "friend's" that could run the STFs with them, but to be punished for those peoples shot comings seems so wrong it wioll make sure I NEVER run a Nerfed STF ever. Yes, I hate the New season more and more as everything I actually liked in this game is being taken away one part at a time, the ships, the rewards, the STFs, why not just null all Life time accounts and finally get it over with ???. Sorry, just had to vent this out.
If you think about it, the things you are taking away are the things we all played and used to play while Cryptic did nothing as far as content for like a year. Now, when the very people that are here, when no reason has been given to those people to stay, why start messing around with the things those people stayed here for and why keep taking when you still have given nothing back as far as content or game play ??? Be warned, most of my fleet are checking out a galaxy far far away......not a good sign any way you look at it.