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12-11-2011, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
selling back

possibly a worthwhile idea if you buy crap, but i would not expect 100% return of EDC, maybe 50%

if you are not sure and want to test items first -> copy char to Red Shirt 2 or 3 times, test it all out and then decide what you want to stick with.
50% would be useless really, i mean to "test" somthing for a 50% loss would never be used. same as if you returned an item to a retailer, and they only gave you 50% back :p

Originally Posted by nynik
I really think there should be tailor-esque equipment holodeck in SFA/KA that could help with choosing what you want to spend time earning as opposed to allowing you to earn, buy and just trade back you stuff if you suddenly decide to want to upgrade for the latest s**** on offer for the same effective currency.

Compared to other games I have played with test servers, Cryptic have made tribble access very accessible indeed, considering much of the client is copied across instead of totally re downloaded, and it all works through the same launcher. I do feel that access to tribble is as hard as access to holodeck.
yep, theres no question that getting on tribble is easy as pie. the problem is time the population of holodeck would never been seen on tribble. around 10% at the most.

thats why it needs to be part of the actual game. i personally have no real problem with loading up tribble and messing around but once i start work again chances are i wont have the time, nor be botherd with it when i would rather spend time on the main server.

the idea of a holodeck/fireing range (space + ground) would be awesome, a chance for you to test it all out in a set area would work just as well.

load up, pick enemy, pick weapon/equipment and go.