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12-11-2011, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by nynik
Most content using emblem gear in wow would take more than 45 mins to do anyway (the lockout was 2 hours I believe and a raid could last 4 hours +). STFs in sto take... 20 mins - so people would constantly recycle their gear unless you did enforce a one time exchange only. The issue with one time exchanges is you end up with people who make mistakes and clog up the already defunct ticketing system further.

If you want to test something.... there is a testing server. Not much more to say on that really.
5 man instances would take about 20-30 mins in WoW and you could buy emblem gear. There is no reason to not have that feature in STO.... allow people to try gear and I doubt people would constantly recycle gear at all, they didnt do that in WoW so why would they do it here?