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12-11-2011, 09:33 PM
Originally Posted by johnnymo0829 View Post
Since season 5 hit I decided to take one of my va engineers and use a defiant refit. I can't tell if its that I'm used to crusiers or if the ship got squishy. Any advice for an engie in a defiant? loadouts and boof tips are a big help. Thanks
With my Engy in the same ship, I'm running with 3 x Phaser DHC's and Quantum torp up front and 2 x Phaser arrays and a Quantum in the back.

Boffs wise I have
Ens - Tac Team
Lt Cmdr - Torp Spread 1 & 2, APOmega
Cmdr - Torp Volley 1, CRF 1 & 2, APDelta

Engineer - EPtS, Aux to SIF

Science - TSS1, HE

Works for my style of play.