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12-11-2011, 11:01 PM
Squishier than a cruiser, yes, but an Engineer in an escort tends to be the least squishiest kind of escort pilots.

On my engineer in the retrofit, I use:

Front: Double Beam Bank, Dual Heavy Cannons x2, Quantum Torpedo
Rear: Turret x2, Tricobalt Device Launcher

Ensign: Beam Overload I
Lt. Com: High Yield Torpedo I, Beam: Target Shields II*, High Yield Torpedo III
Commander: Tactical Team I, Cannon: Scatter Volley I, Cannon: Rapid Fire II, Attack Pattern Omega III

* Target Shields is a relic from when RSP was more common than it is now, and not being a science officer, was one way I had of getting through it. I had some great kills while my opponent had RSP up, but no actual shields on the side facing me because of it. You could probably replace this with CRF or ATP:D.

Emergency Power to Shields I, Reverse Shield Polarity I

Depending on your style of play, you could replace RSP with anything from an Aux to SIF to another Emergency Power to Shields/Engines/Weapons.

Tractor Beam I, Science Team II

I made a deliberate choice to not take Hazard Emitters, although I take it for most other alts, instead choosing to rely on my Engineer Captain abilities to make up for not taking that defensive ability, and using Tractor Beam to indirectly help minimize damage from my target to keep them from facing me, and to give me a better chance to deal critical damage to them by directing my attacks into one side.

I tend to stay in the fight, and on target longer than the average Defiant pilot, and less of the hit and run passes that most make as a result of my loadout, and if my initial pass isn't enough, I'll try to spin around with Evasive while I still have a tractor beam on them, and get my rear Tricobalt into them at point blank as I run back the way I came.