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Originally Posted by johnnymo0829 View Post
Since season 5 hit I decided to take one of my va engineers and use a defiant refit. I can't tell if its that I'm used to crusiers or if the ship got squishy. Any advice for an engie in a defiant? loadouts and boof tips are a big help. Thanks
PvP, PvE?

PvP is a team game, so at some point, your own defenses will need to be supported by allied Cruisers, as you are getting attacked by multiple enemies as well.

In (Solo) PvE, you can be normally completely self-sufficient with 2 Emergency Power to Shields, 1 Hazard Emitter and a Transfer Shield Strength. Added with your own Engineer Captain powers, you should have everything you need.

It's important to kill your enemies quickly:
Front: 3 DHCs +1 Dual Beam or Quantum Torpedo Launcher (or 2 DCHs, 1 DBB and 1 QT)
Aft: 3 Turrets

Cannon Rapid Fire, Attack Pattern Beta, Beam overload or High Yield Torpedo 3, and possibly using Nadion Inversion and EPS FLow Regulator during your alpha strike. Put all power to weapons.
Tactical Team to make distributing shield power (which is very important) easy and automatic.

Keep moving when you can, but slow down for an alpha strike. Once buffs run out and enemies are still going, consider using evasive maneuvers to retreat.