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12-12-2011, 01:39 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Yes, he did - he asked two questions.

Originally Posted by Eurialo
my ships need 4 bridge officials, but I have 8 slots... so the question is: the others officials have any impact in battles? if yes, what if 2 officiers have the same skill?


Though, like I said, there is still reasons to have extras. I've got extra officers set up for different ships, for fighting certain enemies, and a whole second away team for Borg.

Not necessary by a long shot, but getting twelve doffs set up for different situations did make a nice pastime between red alerts and STFs before I had the doff system.
Yes, the first question was if the BOs in the extra slots did anything, and "if yes, what if 2 officiers have the same skill?". But the answer to the first question is no. So even if 2 bridge officers have the same skill, if one of them isn't assigned to a ship console, it still has no effect.

Your first paragraph is good information, but not what was asked which is why I believe Eurialo was confused.