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Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
Emergency power to shields is a bad example since the CD and shared CD overlap wich means you loose preformance.
Still that combination is effective by nature, no duobt, but for sharded CDs its a bad example.
And even though the Global Cooldown between them is higher than the shared cooldown, there is a clear advantage to have them twice.
It is also one of the most important, because you really should always be chaining two Emergency Power to Shields.

But a word of warning: For tactical captains that isnt always neccessary, they can reduce the CDs of tac abilitys with tac initiative, wich often makes double packing obsulete (the second version is often weaker then the first anyway).
That can be an issue, but it basically means you have a primary "alpha strike capabiliyt" in which you se TI and your highest ranked tactical BO powers, repeatedly, and and a secondary strike capabilty where you alternate between the highest ranking and the lower ranking. But it allows you to spend some thought on "utility" powers. For example, instead of Cannon Rapid Fire, you can take Cannon Scatter Volley at a lower rank, so you have a power to deal with NPC fighter groups and carrier pets.