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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
And even though the Global Cooldown between them is higher than the shared cooldown, there is a clear advantage to have them twice.
It is also one of the most important, because you really should always be chaining two Emergency Power to Shields.
I just wantet to state that the EPTS is a bad example to explain the use of 2 powers.
For that combination itsstelf... I wouldnt say its generally the only choice.
The advantadges a clear but it depends on the build.
For cruisers its always a good choice, (although especially in PVP or other group based content, you shouldnt take 2 EPTS III with you since your team depends on your healing abilitys), for escorts and Scis it depends.
With only 2 ENG abiltys there ARE other possible choices.
On my Sci, for example, I have high shield power in general, also I use Emergency power to auxilary wich would add ANOTHER sharded cooldown.
On my Defaint... well the biggest advatadge of 2 EPTS is the higher regeneration. In PVE I managed to go through Elite missions without getting a acratch on the hull using regeneratives (or better said the complete Borg set).
In PVP or STFs... well Regs are to weak, on other shields that combination looses parts of its benefits. The resistance is still great.... but RSP still saves the live here often, and AUX to Damp helps you top even outmaneuvre BOPs AND adds an owen resistance bonus + deffense.
On my BOP anything but Corvs are sucide and if I go into STFs I often catch FAR to much attention to compensate with 2 EPTS, especially with randoms.
Higher defense or RSP help much more here then a second EPTS.
Same for PVP where everyone, of course, focusses the glass cannon first. As long as I have no healing 2 EPTS isnt enough, if I have good healing I dont need 2 EPTS.
But thats just my opinion...

Bottom line of that wall of text: 2 EPTS is a good strategy, but, unlike many seem to believe, its not a credo, there ARE alternatives to that.

That can be an issue, but it basically means you have a primary "alpha strike capabiliyt" in which you se TI and your highest ranked tactical BO powers, repeatedly, and and a secondary strike capabilty where you alternate between the highest ranking and the lower ranking. But it allows you to spend some thought on "utility" powers. For example, instead of Cannon Rapid Fire, you can take Cannon Scatter Volley at a lower rank, so you have a power to deal with NPC fighter groups and carrier pets.
Thats prety much how I build it (on the defaint)... I have 4 tacs to switch, 1 with scattern III and Spread III, 1 with high yield III and rapid III, 1 with Scattern II and Spread I (would prefer II but what else to put into the 3rd tac slot on a pure cannon defaint?) and the last one with rapid II and Yield I.
Can be combined in situational^^

But on the other hand.... My BOP combination uses only the commander slot for tac... here I have basicly the first 2 combinations I have on the Defaint and the Alpha-strike damage is the same, I just loose a little inb variaty (no scattern as alternative) and AFTER the abilitys and Tac initative are burned I loose substained damage.
Thats why I'm not that sure if the Defaint build is really the best possible option, but I dont want to use beams on the Defaint.
May be I give mines a try soon...