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12-12-2011, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by ainu
1) The cloaking device does work on another ship - the Dreadnaught Cruiser, not just the Defiant Retrofit.
2) It was made a console to be more consistent with the other changes, and to allow the possible development of future ships that could use it.
3) As the Sao Paulo is a Captain level ship (same as the regular Defiant class, which cannot cloak), and once purchased, you can use the Sao Paulo appearance on the retrofit Defiant, the console cannot be equipped on the lower tier ships.
4) A token isn't a purchase. VA token ships once discharged, have never been able to be reclaimed.
5) The 600 day reward was specifically noted that you only got it IF you did not already get a token before. In short, only one VA token per character at most, and since you used yours, you definitely won't be getting another one, sorry.
1) i wasn't saying there were no other ships that could use it, just that it seemed silly to make it a console when any ship that COULD use it already had one.

2) Any future ships that can cloak will most likely come with that console again making it useless as a console unless it grants an extra slot.

3) this was clearly stupid on my part as i didnt read the description well enough, i admit that.

4+5) I know, but in recent posts they've mentioned that they've fixed the ability to reclaim discharged ships, i hadn't seen any reference to C-store points or not, and yes, i know about the stipulation of the 600 day reward and frankly i'm a little upset about it. Why bother making it a veteran reward if no one can use it if they've been in the game almost two years? The second paragraph even mentions this being the case and how it's not right to basically give a reward that most people can't even use.

I'm just shocked that it seems only now that people are seeing something wrong and posts are popping up about "hey, where's my 600 day reward?" Just wait until the people who missed out on the 500 day emblems find out they're not getting a 600 day reward either....