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The Galaxy-R is the most useless VA cruiser in the game now. Every other cruiser does a better job at everything. The Galaxy-X is now arguably the very best VA cruiser. It has the combat power and boff stations of an assault cruiser, tanks better than an Excelsior, and it has a free Lt. Cmdr weapon power that makes it an absolute beast in combat if used correctly.

I think this is how the stock Galaxy R should be:

Cmdr. Engineer
Lt Cmdr. Engineer
Lt. Tactical
Lt. Science
Ensign Universal

4 Enginering console slots
3 Tactical console slots
3 Science console slots

Universal Saucer separation console

The Galaxy-X should be removed from the C-store as a ship and replaced with a "universal console pack" for the same or lower Cryptic point price:

"X-Type Equipment" - All universal consoles, as follows:

Phaser lance console: Adds phaser lance ability and cosmetic parts for the phaser lance and third nacelle.

Cloaking device console: Adds cloaking ability and cosmetic parts for the nacelle pylon winglets (call them the cloaking field generators)

Dual Heavy Cannon console: Adds ability to fit dual heavy cannons and cosmetic parts for the cannon mounts on the top of the saucer,

Venture refit should be left as-is.

So, if you had a Galaxy-R with all the universal consoles from the Gal-X and Venture, you'd be down by 5 console slots. Instead of 10 free consoles to play with, you'll only have 5. But, the useless saucer separation console will now become useful; pair it with dual heavy cannons for example.