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12-12-2011, 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by Kuber
That's great that people want the classic timeline, but the problem is at that point, you would only really be a Rebel Alliance soldier or a Smuggler or an Imperial soldier or Bounty Hunter.

Forget having hordes of Jedi and Sith running around causing havoc, because the only ones would be Darth Vader, the Emperor, Yoda and Ben Kenobi.

And most who want to play Star Wars want a feel for the Jedi/Sith action. That means The Old Republic.
Well SW Galaxies worked fine beside those "canon breaks". And originally you had to go through A LOT of efford to become a Jedi wich made it rare.
Of course its not perfect but to a lot of people it was still fun.

Also: They could easyly set the story up after Endor where more Jedis trained by Luke can run arround as much as "Sith" trained by... anyone who survived.... the Extendet universe offers enough possibilitys.

However... I'll take what I get.