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# 26 DOFFS - commendations
12-12-2011, 07:26 AM
Commendation tier rewards
Each faction has a vendor that sells unique DOffs: Lieutenant Ferra at Starfleet Academy and Lieutenant S'stas at Klingon Academy. However, these DOffs are locked until certain commendation ranks are achieved. Each tier of each commendation category has a different set of 5 or more DOffs available at this vendor. Reaching a tier awards a token for one free DOff in the set, and unlocks the others for purchase with dilithium. Green DOffs cost 1000 dilithium, blue DOffs cost 5000 dilithium, and purple DOffs cost 12000 dilithium.

I just got my medical and military commendations (2500 points) and have acquired my two DOFFS. I cannot however purchase more for dilithium as stated above (taken from the guide). Do I need to reach the next tier (15000 points) ?