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so for the longest time i've been using the aegis set for PvP runs but i have heard that a mix of borg and aegis works better. just wanted to know if this is true.

my build:
Full aegis

fore: 2x MkXI phaser beam array, 1x MkXI quantum torp
Aft: 2x MkXI phaser beam array, 1x MkXI quantum torp

engineering: ative hul armor, field gen, shield emitter amp
science: countermeasure system, power insulatorm, particle gen, tachyon detection grid
tactical: borg console, enhanced plasma manifold

Lt. universal: EPtA1, EPtS2
Lt. tac: torp spread 1, fire at will 2
Lt. command engineering: EPtS1, EPtA2, APtSIF2
CO. sci: hazard emitters1, polarize hull2, tractor beam repulsors2, grav well2
Ensign Sci: TSS1

so far this setup is working for me but any advise on making it better for tanking is great too.