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Lt. Commander
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12-12-2011, 09:07 AM
My recommendation:

shields: something with 2 or more resists on it (regen or resilient)

beam array boat (to allow tree focus on energy + engineering + sci)

engineering: different hull resists
science: anything really, good place for universal consoles
tactical: weps for weps

Lt. universal: EPtA1, RSP1
Lt. tac: FAW1, APD
Lt. command engineering: EPtAux or EPtW, AuxrSif1 or RSP, EPtS3 (try to have always on unless using another EPtAbility)
CO. sci: hazard emitters1, TSS2, tractor beam repulsors2, grav well2, or FBP (in this case do you want more healing or offensive? sci team somewhere
Ensign Sci: polarize hull 1

I hope this helps you some.