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12-12-2011, 10:16 AM

Well if its not ideas and not resources, as new hires have happened and PWE has deeper pockets thatn Atari, it does leave us fans wnodering what the issue is?
Time? They've had time......
Qaulity? We've gotten qaulity beyond expectation (imo) in the few storyline mission and new vessels that reeks of quality and an attention to detail.....

Money driven incentive? possibly, though I know I've spent plenty on STO even with the little we had offered us over the last two years that required being purchased......

Only according to Fed Propoganda, political spin-artistry being thier second strongest weapon of choice when all else fails.:p
Well they've been recruiting but still appears to be a good few vacancies left to fill, so ruling out resources is not certain (besides new recruits will take 3-6 months to get up o speed)
Time... Currently heads down training new staff and prepping for F2P.

So in summary... Still a while to go before the KDF are at a minimum level of acceptability.
Quality I'd agree with... Tons of good ideas and when Cryptic does quality missions they are very good.