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12-12-2011, 10:30 AM
iT APPEARS THAT IF YOU ARE DESIGNED TO CAPATILIZE on power draing, shield draining or just being a drain boat in general the Plasmodic leach is boosted to great levels, like Polarons, tetryons, aceton assimilator and other drain attack abilities and consoles, all by the new skill system.

In fact the new skills seem to boost a great deal of those builds specialized to exploit the strengths of a particular type of attack and leads untruth to being over specialized breeds weakness.

I've even experienced the maxed stun duration of a PSW torpedo thanks to the player in question being specced to do max PSW effects. I do not find that unfair as long as the skills can not boost sida effects past respectable levels and would much rather see the skill trees buffing lowerd in regards to how they effect consoles versus the consoles being nerfed by fedwhine.

Since I'm not speciliazed in drain boating, I can not give accurate numbers.