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12-12-2011, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by thebaron666 View Post
If i remember it was blue quality, but i only got it the once and that was while testing on tribble, haven't checked on holodeck yet tbh.
Thanks, that would be consistent with the other Cultural Exchange assignments.

Originally Posted by Bort1980 View Post
Reclaim Assimilated Borg Drones does indeed give a DOff on a critical success.
Thanks, I'll add this to the guide. Is it a liberated borg? What quality? Is it unique?

Originally Posted by Mandrake45
Where does Reclaim assimilated borg drones show up?
It's a medical assignment, and it can appear in various places. I've seen it in Alpha Trianguli and K7 system space.

Originally Posted by CptPierce
I got my first and only prisoner DOFF, Fed side, from a critical success on the Uncover Intelligence Leak mission.
Thanks, I'll add this to the guide.

Originally Posted by Libretto View Post
When you get your commendation DOFF, the unlocked ones for Di are at the bottom of the list
Heh, I'm glad you figured it out. I see comments on this a lot, so I'll add this to the FAQ.