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12-12-2011, 02:11 PM
Thanks for all the responces. Looking at the advice I think i was in decient shape, or at least on the right path. Load out wise on the ship this is what I have so far.
fore: Phaser beam array mkxi, Photon torp. mk x, Dual heavy cannons mk x, The Quads.
aft: Mkxi turret, mkx photon, mkxi beam array
Breen deflector dish
maco mk x engine
borg shield
eps flow regulator mk x (green)
neutronium alloy mk x
field generator mk xi
enhancedplasma manifold
cloaking device
4 phaser relays (3 mk11 rares, 1 mkx)
Device: subspace modulator

bridge officers:
fire at will 1, high yeild 2, beam overload 3, cannon rapid fire 3
tac team 1, scatter volley 1, beam overload 3
beam fire at will
emergency power to the shields 1, engineering team 2
science team 1, feedback pulse 1.

I know I have to either get another tac officer or re-train the ones I have. Don't want to loose the bo3 on them. I'm being stuborn and really want to have the quad cannons work for me. Any gear I should look to get?