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Originally Posted by johnnymo0829 View Post
Since season 5 hit I decided to take one of my va engineers and use a defiant refit. I can't tell if its that I'm used to crusiers or if the ship got squishy. Any advice for an engie in a defiant? loadouts and boof tips are a big help. Thanks
My defiant load out is

2 dual heavy cannons (Phasers, used to be a plasma build) 1 Quad cannon, (I'm a sucker for the look ) 1 Quantum torp. Rear 3 Phaser Banks.

Eng consoles 2 RCS accelerators, 1 Tribianium (not tritianium) plating (I think, +26 res to plasma, phaser, disruptor, and I think poloron).

Sci consoles. Borg universal assimilated module, Cloaking device.

Tactical 4 Phaser Relays max level. I realy more on my cannons than my torps.

BO Lay out
Commander Tact Team 1, Canon Spread, Torp HY III, AP Omega
Lt. Cmdr Beam overload, Torp Spread II, Cannon Rapid fire III
Ensign Tact team'

Eng Eng team 1, Reverse Shield pol
Sci Jam sensors, tractor beam.

This layout seems to work for me. may be switching my Eng and Sci abilities around.