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Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
If you want to use cannons, (for the procs maybe) use regular cannons not duals. IMO you're far better off using beams though. I typically run 1 quant, 2 DBB & 1 BA front, & 4 BA rear on my Vor'cha. I put 1 Tac team, a BO2 & hy1 in my tac slots. Although, I sometimes run 4 DBB up front just for fun. Using Aux 2 ID makes this ship almost as maneuverable as a Raptor.
I've been running 1 DBB and 3 DHCs up front on my Vor'cha-R and doing fine. I'm using 2x Aux to ID to pick up the maneuverability a little. Like others have said it's a little hard keeping the DHCs on-target, but I generally keep them on enough.

The big punch on that boat comes from the DBB, combined with 2 copies of BOv. An engineer can often use their captain abilities to counter the massive power drain from BOv, so they can get a major punch out of it. My preferred tactic is to start up one copy of BOv while I'm cloaked, and just wait until the GCD is nearly up. With a second or two left on GCD, I activate EPS transfer, decloak, fire, activate the second BOv, and fire again.

Dogfighting with an escort can be a problem with that ship, because it's very hard to line up the DHCs -- almost all of my damage will come from BOv then. I keep a copy of EWP on that ship, which seems to be enough to keep escorts off my 6, given how maneuverable that ship is anyway. It's still possible to hit escorts with DHCs a bit, but if they are actively evading you, then single cannons would be better.

My basic role with that ship is DPS, but I'm usually better off tanking through incoming damage rather than running, and I can often spare an ET, HE or TSS to help heal team-mates. My DPS is enough that I can't be ignored, so I can actually tank effectively. And if I am ignored, then I can move very slowly and just keep my DHCs on target.

The main thing is that if you want to load a battlecruiser for offense, especially as an engineer, you should still help on healing a little, and still be prepared to tank.