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12-12-2011, 04:32 PM
On both my Defiant-R and MVAE, I find 3 turrets in the back combined with my weapons up front is just a touch high on the weapon energy drain, so I only run 2 turrets in the back, and use the Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines for the last spot. This allows me to have a hold ability while sacrificing very little damage - one less turret, but lesser energy drops from the weapon cycles.

Have you considered the Tractor Beam Mines? In KA, I like to dump them where the next wave of probes is going to come, and in a pinch, I can evasive around in front of a group and drop some more.

Other than that possible addition, it's a very nice guide. I hope a lot of potential escort STFers read this, it's no fun having to carry all the other escorts because they aren't anywhere even close to optimal in build or tactics.