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12-12-2011, 05:33 PM
Originally Posted by stargazer5583
Asked questions about stuff.
1. Depends. Bumping up weapon grades is always useful. It's almost always worth doing if you can. Just keep an eye on your rarity mods. If upgrading damage consoles, then it really depends on the rarity of the ones you have and are upgrading to. If you're going from green-blue MK X to white MK XI, the damage boost will be the same if not only 2% higher. I'd say it's better to save your money till you can get a more profitable damage increase.

2. That doesn't really matter so much anymore given the additional of the AP Mags to the crafting system and the removal of the weapon skills. Comes down to personal preference. Do you like red glowie beams that do 20% more crit damage, or would you like cannon-esque phasers that have a chance to down their shields? One could argue the phaser proc is more useful, but it doesn't last very long and is fairly low chanced, whereas the AP damage bonus is constant.

3. Again preference, in my experience 3xDHC is better for more maintained DPS (It's more like pulse DPS but w/e) whereas if you have a DBB, you can pop a BO3, THY3, and a weapons battery and strip the shields off of sommin. The battery prolly isn't a big deal, but it does take up a device slot you could use for otherwise survival-boosting items.