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12-12-2011, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by Korhil
I would suggest one change to all your tactical BOs. Drop 1x Torp Spread 2 for Scatter Volley 1, Scatter Volley 2 for Omega 1 and Omega 3 for Beta 3. Your group will love you a lot more.
Beta does the same thing as Delta but without the defensive buff. And it doesn't give the life-saving abilities as Omega.

I can see dropping a Torpedo skill for Delta or Beta if you wish, but with the recharge time of a Quantum being 8 seconds, and the global cooldown of Torpedo Spread being 15 seconds, this means if you have 2x Torpedo skills you can use them every other time your Torpedo fires, which is quite often and quite effective.
Also, as you should always use the grappler and the number of times you really NEED a tractor beam are limited, I'd swap the tractor beam on your advanced escort build for Polarize Hull.
Not everyone has the Grappler since it is a C-store item, but I do recommend it.

Tractor beams are more necessary than you realize. Borg ships have the same firing-arcs as we do, its just not as apparent due to their Geometric designs. The tactical Cubes for instance, can be held in place with a tractor beam while you fire at their sides instead of taking the damage from their Torpedo spam from their forward facing side. I was testing this out last night and it does work, its also CRITICAL to use against Donatra in Khitomer Accord in Elite.
Originally Posted by ainu
On both my Defiant-R and MVAE, I find 3 turrets in the back combined with my weapons up front is just a touch high on the weapon energy drain, so I only run 2 turrets in the back, and use the Cloaking Tractor Beam Mines for the last spot. This allows me to have a hold ability while sacrificing very little damage - one less turret, but lesser energy drops from the weapon cycles.

Have you considered the Tractor Beam Mines? In KA, I like to dump them where the next wave of probes is going to come, and in a pinch, I can evasive around in front of a group and drop some more.
Tractor mines might be a worthy item to use for STF's, I haven't tested them out yet, but I think I'll amend them to the "hold" section.

I have no issues with power usage. Even running at 90 weapons power, I'm all the way up to 124, and with everything firing it never drops down bellow 50 before recharging to max.
Other than that possible addition, it's a very nice guide. I hope a lot of potential escort STFers read this, it's no fun having to carry all the other escorts because they aren't anywhere even close to optimal in build or tactics.
Thats the main reason I made it :p
Originally Posted by BlackWyvern View Post
I've gotta give it to you for making a clear, concise guide.

I'm a FE STF runner myself, but I have a different take on how I do things..

If you can tell, it's 100% hull tank. My shields are there to just look pretty. It isn't like I can actually use them most of the time anyways, between the multiple tachyon beams and the shieldkillers. Even with full shield facing, and max shield skills, them 125k crit torpedoes still make me asplode.

I might eventually move up to MACO if I can ever motivate myself to farm the 80 or so EDC it needs and replace the Aegis stuff. But that defense buff does come in handy.
With Gozers nerf/fix to the Borg shield-stripping skills, you can shield tank against the Borg now just fine.

But ya, I used to Hull-tank all the time with my Escort against the borg... I hated it, LOL! But your build is quite unorthodox for sure.