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12-12-2011, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
Nice guide. My fleet escort build is very similar to what you have suggested. (although I run 2x EptS instead of RSP, and I run an eng team instead of EPtW). I also do what Ainu does, and only run 2 turrets in back for less power drain.
Engineering Team on a Fleet escort in the ensign ability is good. I usually use that for PVE, but the amount of time I'm using Tac Team on the STF's I figure I had better find something else that doesn't have a shared cooldown
Another 'hold' ability that can be considered is tractor beam repulsors. It is especially useful in Infected in keeping the nanite spheres/probes away from the transformers. The advantage is 1) you can repulse multiple targets. 2) You can keep moving (which keeps your defense bonus up). 3) You can keep the targets in your forward weapon arc. With enemies that are heading towards you, you are faced with a decision. You either have to slow down/stop to keep them in front of you, OR you fly past them and then have to circle around. Repulsors solve this issue.
I left out the repulsors on purpose...

People push things the wrong direction, causing mission failures

And people push around the Carrier on Cure or Donatra on Khitomer, which really irritates people.