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12-12-2011, 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by stargazer5583
I have been using the full borg set minus the console (just hit VA only 2 or 3 days ago), so I has a few questions:


1. Should I be worried about the Change in damage of Antiproton Mk X to Antiproton Mk XI if I have the right consoles?

2. Antiproton or Phaser, or another type?

3. 3x DHCs or 2x DHCs and 1x Dual Beam Bank?

I am aiming for the MVAE and wanted to know which weapons to grind for, I can get a full set of Antiproton Mk X right now, but am 6 Rare Borg away from XI.

I have been enjoying the Borg Shields for the high regen rate when I put all my power to it, and I am also 1k R&D away from the Aegis set.
1. I would say yes. Its always best to run the highest rank item you can. But save up and do it properly, if you run a lower rank for awhile its not as important. However, for Elite, it's best to have MK XI or higher blue/purple everything just to stay alive and do enough damage to complete the missions on time...

2. Currently with the change to skill tree, any type will be OK and the benefits of one over the other are hard to even notice now. The best are still these three: Antiproton, Phaser, and Disruptor. But the other three are cheaper to acquire on the exchange if you wish to upgrade (A higher ranked anything is always better than a lower ranked something)

2. If you run a Dual Beam, you need a reason to. IE a beam skill, like Target Shield Subsystems. (Beam Overload won't help much in STF's, as it will drain your power and kill your fire rate temporarily). Fire At Will can work with the Dual Beam too, but again you have to sacrifice something to use it. Works best with a Defiant Refit or Klingon Raptor due to having an extra Tactical skill versus the other Escorts (2x DHC, 1x Dual Beam is a standard PVP layout FYI, useful for Burst Damage which is critical in PVP but not so for STF's)