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12-12-2011, 04:56 PM
I can say with strong opinion that the Heavy Graviton Beam (the third power in the MACO set) is pretty terrible. At a glance, it sounds cool and useful. In practice, it's lame and not worth it.

It's minor energy weapon that takes 3sec from clicking the power and the beam firing and hitting target- and then has a 3min cooldown. It supposedly repels/immobs target- and it does... for about 1.5 secs
The dmg is minor (usually around 1-2k) and the side effects of -126% to flight speed or either broken or too low to notice.
Mind you, this is all my opinion for it's effects against BORG... the foe it was designed for. I have not tried it in PVP but I suspect the long activation time and recharge time make it ill fitted for PVP.

It's terrible and needs love badly.

If anyone has adifferent opinion and thinks it's the bees' knees, please let me know how you are using it and when, as I fully admit I don't see how it can be useful in any situation other than a "neat" way to finish off a foe that has no shields and less 1000 hp left.