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12-12-2011, 05:28 PM
A few comments:

1. Why no love for Polarize Hull? I consider it essential to my MVAE build, running Polarize | Hazard 2 | Sci Team 3. Escaping from their tractor beams (Omega pattern alone isn't usually enough due to recharge) is almost more important then managing your shields.

2. I would argue that manual shield management is more efficient (albeit more difficult) than using two tac teams. I run one to clear debuffs and that is it. It requires almost no additional effort if you have the right control setup, which leads nicely into my next point.

3. Use joystick to control your ship over mouse + keyboard. Maybe this is because I grew up on Freespace, but I've always considered a joystick THE way to fly a spacecraft. I have projectile & energy weapon control, shield distribution via the hat switch, equalize shields, and three different targetting controls at my fingertips, without moving my hands at all. I find that my left hand is constantly busy with the hotbar shortcuts, steering with that hand would be too much, and I've found that it simply allows for better, more accurate control over your ship.