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Originally Posted by Naldoran
1. Why no love for Polarize Hull? I consider it essential to my MVAE build, running Polarize | Hazard 2 | Sci Team 3. Escaping from their tractor beams (Omega pattern alone isn't usually enough due to recharge) is almost more important then managing your shields.
Polarize hull is a good resist skill, but it shares a timer with Hazard Emitters and has a long cooldown, not to mention loosing TSS which is a great shield heal/resist ability that can also be used on other players too.

Escaping tractor beams IS important, but tanking whatever is tractoring you is even MORE important!
2. I would argue that manual shield management is more efficient (albeit more difficult) than using two tac teams. I run one to clear debuffs and that is it. It requires almost no additional effort if you have the right control setup, which leads nicely into my next point.
Manual shield management can't keep up with the tactical teams. I've tested this pretty extensivly, Tactical team (even Tac Team 1) has an instantaneous effect on shield transfer, while using the Arrow keys or the Distribute ability are significantly slower at routing your shields, which leaves you open to direct hull hits.

Plus, with 2x Tac teams you only have to press two buttons (one ever 15 seconds) as opposed to ramming the other buttons constantly.
3. Use joystick to control your ship over mouse + keyboard. Maybe this is because I grew up on Freespace, but I've always considered a joystick THE way to fly a spacecraft. I have projectile & energy weapon control, shield distribution via the hat switch, equalize shields, and three different targetting controls at my fingertips, without moving my hands at all. I find that my left hand is constantly busy with the hotbar shortcuts, steering with that hand would be too much, and I've found that it simply allows for better, more accurate control over your ship.
I hardly use my mouse during combat. Its only for camera moving and specific target selection. I have no issues with movement, and tend to be the first one to get out of the way of explosions or to a place before everyone else while pointing the correct location
Originally Posted by dobacco View Post
I fly a bug in STFs as a sci officer
3x DHC 1x quantum
3 x turrets
MACO set
4x Neutronium
borg console
4x Disruptor Induction Coil
Subspace Field Modulator
Hazard1 and TSS2 for first uni slot
epts1 and aux to struct for second uni slot
tac team1, torp high yield 2, cannon scatter volley 2, attack pattern omega
tac team1, torp spread 2, cannon rapid fire 2,
I can pretty much hold my own while tanking and dishing out damage, but I still get one shoted by tac cubes in elite.
(also first post ever!)
Sounds good to me. My only suggestion is to test out RSP instead of Aux to Structural, but those are both good skills (Although Aux to Structural 1 doesn't give much of a heal).

My main concern though are the Neutroniums. The general rule with consoles are that they have diminishing returns, so running more than one means less effect than you would imagine. Although I might test this out with 3x Neutroniums to see what happens.

And yes you are a lucky ******* for getting a Bug :p