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12-12-2011, 07:03 PM
Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
Sounds good to me. My only suggestion is to test out RSP instead of Aux to Structural, but those are both good skills (Although Aux to Structural 1 doesn't give much of a heal).

My main concern though are the Neutroniums. The general rule with consoles are that they have diminishing returns, so running more than one means less effect than you would imagine. Although I might test this out with 3x Neutroniums to see what happens.

And yes you are a lucky ******* for getting a Bug :p
I was thinking of RSP, Aux to Struct actually its quite handy, get around 2k heal every 15 seconds, handy when waiting for hazard to cool down.

The max you can stack is ~40% resists without buffs, sat around and tested with various consoles