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12-12-2011, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by Destraa View Post
My biggest gripe, and the reason I invested in a Galaxy dreadnought was the simple fact of, why in the **** three engineering stations? Even with the regular Galaxy/Venture or Galaxy-X, the Commander + Lt Commander gives you a combined seven engineering powers (and with a limited pool of actually worthwhile abilities, you only end up running what, five in total?) leaving that poor Ensign as an afterthought. Like it's science counterpart, the Nebula, and as many have stated, making that Ensign slot a universal slot allows you to re-tool your Galaxy-R for whatever you so choose. Tactical BO in it? Assault cruiser with a pet! Science BO in it? Star Whale (cruiser) with a pet!

Honestly, while the saucer separation ability makes it somewhat lucrative, the fact that it taunts me with eight Engineering ability spots makes it rather laughable. May as well roll that Ensign Engineer into the Lt Commander and simply give it two Commander Engineering spots and a total of four BO spots. At least then you could have a bit of an interesting BO ability setup with dual Commanders, and it'd be unique in that it's the only VA ship with two commander stations. Might get a few more Engineers interested with it.
Two commander engineers could be fun.