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12-13-2011, 03:22 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
Funny how the majority of players (Federation) have a cry now about cheese and powers when it gets used against them.

Guess what

Even well before season 5 almost every player (except a few true champs that don't use bs to win) loaded up on the formerly massively overpowered torpedo spread , thought it was totally ok that they insta kill people with massive crits through shields, or run every cruiser with AMS and harpengs v1 when klingons didn't have them.

When targeting changes were made allowing players to ignore photonics and mines when in battle targeting, effectively nerfing the purpose of fed spam, did spam suddenly become not cool. Back when klingons had no carriers, feds where spamming mines like crazy but you know its ok to spam if your fed but not klingon.

But now suddenly its not ok to use cheese because feddie player is getting it used against himself without having good enough cheese to throw back. Fed escorts consoles not up to par in the cheese factor compared to klingons ones, boo hoo.

Long have feds out cheesed klingons and thought it was all good, because they are federation players anything federation does or gets is never wrong or overpowered at all.......
Long have feds used cheese and had far better ships with BO layouts and more variety to easily squash most klingon players.
Not anymore, klingons are getting their fair share of cheese now and hopefully coming soon negvar and raptor refits that equal federation options in ship choices at end game PVP.

The game is cheese online, has been going that way for a long time. Efforts were tried to have cheese free tournaments and matches and it failed due to epic QQ'ing from certain federation fleets and players, that couldn't win without there cheese.
Now your enemy can more than out cheese you and suddenly the perspective changes to oh now its not cool to use cheese any more

Qew was making threads long ago about cheese and nobody except us gave a toss
The community has only it self to blame for the state of the game, you reap what you sow.

And for the people that are crying because klingons can out-cheese feds atm, don't worry im sure cryptic will release the enterprise F with extra cheese abilities just for you,
God forbid actually learning to play the game and use skill / tactics and teamwork to win. Who needs that stuff anyway when you can have moar cheese.
Very well said.EXACTLY my thoughts!
The federation has always been consistent with a double standard approach in game regarding the Klingon side.And because the vast majority of STO players are exclusively or mainly Starfleet,they ve had their "cheese" and ate it too.
As mentioned by Vipermist ,you poor little unfairly treated feds,now running with ur bloody noses in Kerrat need to be patient.Very soon Klingon cheese will be nerfed and more importantly YOU will be getting some realy good cheese yourselves which i ve no doubt will bring balance back to the game meaning feds will once again get the upper hand