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12-13-2011, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by Vipermist
Funny how the majority of players (Federation) have a cry now about cheese and powers when it gets used against them.

Guess what

Even well before season 5 almost every player (except a few true champs that don't use bs to win) loaded up on the formerly massively overpowered torpedo spread , thought it was totally ok that they insta kill people with massive crits through shields,
Which Fed players complained about at length and which I never used in PvP.

Same goes for broken skills such as the current FPB (pre-fix) and Transfer shield strength once I learned that it was incorrectly calculated. That's even though I see a good portion of players (some of them long term PvPers) using such broken abilities.

Funnily enough Feds do get hit by the cheese in FvF and hate it just as much.

or run every cruiser with AMS and harpengs v1 when klingons didn't have them.
Never bought the venture and don't intend to. Also you seem to be forgetting that the AMS was complained about in this forum, mostly by those who main a fed.

When targeting changes were made allowing players to ignore photonics and mines when in battle targeting, effectively nerfing the purpose of fed spam, did spam suddenly become not cool. Back when klingons had no carriers, feds where spamming mines like crazy but you know its ok to spam if your fed but not klingon.
Nope, Feds complain about mine spam as well.

But now suddenly its not ok to use cheese because feddie player is getting it used against himself without having good enough cheese to throw back. Fed escorts consoles not up to par in the cheese factor compared to klingons ones, boo hoo.
Never bothered to buy one, it's rather sad in my opinion.

Long have feds used cheese and had far better ships with BO layouts and more variety to easily squash most klingon players.
Yes, Feds have far better ships...

Negh'var - Available at RA and doesn't require to be bought from C-store. Has the same BO and console layout as the Gal-R (though of course with an extra tact-console slot and the expense of a device slot), with a much better turnrate (higher then an excelsiors), a cloaking device, ability to equip DHC's and higher crew.

Vorcha Refit - Same BO layout as an assault cruiser, the obligatory cloaking device, best turnrate for a T5 cruiser, can be equipped with DHC's. All at the expense of a very small amount of hull (not shields though). Don't get me wrong, I love my Vorcha refit and wouldn't want it changed, but it really does have an advantage over Fed ships. The thing has far greater damage potential then an Excelsior ever will and with far better tanking ability.

Orion cruiser - Same BO layout as a star cruiser, higher impulse modifier and turnrate. Same console stations minus one sci-slot and can launch interceptors.

As for variation:-
Feds have been crying for ages about a lack of a Fed carrier. They will probably never get one, with cryptic saying this is to keep both factions individual.

Klinks cried about the lack of a Klink sci-ship. They got the tanky Varanus.

Feds have cruisers, escorts and sci ships.

Klinks have battlecruisers, raptors (escort-type), Birds of Prey, cruisers, carriers and sci-ships.

Klinks may lack in PvE content, but as far as ships go they aren't remotely badly done to.

Personally I like my Klink ships as they are, but these pay-to-win consoles are insane (including Fed consoles, though they are more pay-to-escape). If it's not fixed, Klinks might as well just not bother queuing up for PvP and stick to Kerrat, because almost no Fed will want to play FvK when they come up against that amount of P2W console spam.