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12-13-2011, 06:33 AM
I s'pose the Klinks are enjoying their new toys
No less enjoyment than the fed AMS until a reliable counter was put ingame for it. The AA will be a secondadry thought once they give a "one button" counter for it ingame since shooting them down is too difficult for the feds.

Aceton Assimilator - I know I only shoot it with torpedos, but does anything clear the power drain?
Shoot it with torpedos

Crazy *** space-shield
Fly around it. Its a wall and nothing more.

Graviton pulse thingy
Engineering team is suppossed clear this. Engine batts and other "run" items help one escape still but the the turn rate lock is only cleared by ET, I believe.

Theta Radiation
I believe like EWP there is only a soft counter to this. Possibly HE?

Can AMS be countered
countered by ST, though I've seen some saying it still disables EVM at times.